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Our Horns

Our horn products are made using 100% ethically sourced Watusi and Longhorn cattle as well as Water Buffalo. Due to the uniqueness of each animal no two horns or horn product will ever be exactly alike. This will ensure that your drinking experience will truly be one of a kind.

But wait, there's more!

All of our vessels are lined and sealed with a food safe 2 part polymer resin. Making them not only stylish but safe to use for most beverages.However, Horns and Tankards are not all we do here! We also have another unique line of drink ware....The Drinking Skull!

Many of you have I'm sure read the quote "The problem with society today is that no one drinks from the skulls of their enemies anymore." But due to current social standards and pesky laws about homicide, dismemberment and defiling of a corpse, you might be a bit reluctant to try it. FEAR NOT!!! We have you covered! Our skulls are cast resin, lined with a triple layer of PCB free, food safe resin that will allow you to quaff your favorite refreshing beverage in safety and style.


So always remember, DRINK DON'T DABBLE! Enjoy and thank you for choosing Horn of Trouble!  



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